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Zoho unveils the ‘first bot for CRM,’ plus a new ‘serverless’ infrastructure service

Zoho offers an expansive suite of tools for businesses, covering sales, marketing, customer support, finance and other necessities. This week, the company announced its first bot and launched an infrastructure service in support of apps made with its tools. The...

/ March 2, 2018

Conversica expands channels, markets with Intelligens acquisition

This week, AI conversational firm Conversica is expanding its channels and its market with the acquisition of Santiago, Chile-based Through this purchase, the company will add support for Messenger, Facebook, Slack and Skype to its current email and SMS channels,...

/ January 31, 2018

Drift unveils a chat window that knows when your account is visiting the site

When someone from a targeted account visits your website, Demandbase and other vendors can direct on-site ads, targeted content or follow-up ads to that target’s interests. Now, Boston-based Drift has launched Drift ABM, which it says is the first site-based...

/ November 13, 2017