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How does Yelp’s review solicitation penalty work?

Back in November of 2017, Yelp announced it would start issuing penalties for businesses that solicit reviews. Yelp said: “Now, we are also demoting business pages in Yelp search results that show indicators of organized review solicitation through reputation management...

/ June 15, 2018

Reports: Fake reviews are a growing problem on Amazon, Google

As reviews have grown in importance, so have efforts to game the system. The problem is growing on both Google Maps and Amazon, according to third-party analysis and reporting. A report yesterday in The Washington Post found that the buying...

/ April 25, 2018

Coming to terms with fake reviews

Consumers overwhelmingly expect the reviews they peruse on Amazon, Yelp, Google and other review sites to be trustworthy, neutral and objective. But this reasonable expectation is frequently thwarted by the efforts of aggressive marketers who pay third parties to create...

/ November 27, 2017