Category: Statistics: Spend Projections

Native will dominate display spending in 2018

According to a new set of estimates from eMarketer, native advertising will comprise nearly 60 percent of display spending this year in the US. According to the report, mobile, social and Amazon are the growth drivers behind this shift. Amazon...

/ April 11, 2018

Forecast: Digital advertising pulling away from TV on global basis

Forecaster Zenith has projected global TV ad spending will be $187 billion this year, while digital is slated to grow to $227 billion. Last year, according to the agency, digital overtook TV advertising for the first time. Assuming no recessions...

/ March 26, 2018

Report: 5G will drive $12 billion in new mobile commerce revenue by 2021

Mobile page speed matters. And new data from Adobe shows that with speed comes revenue. Adobe Digital Insights has released a report called “A Mobile-First World,” which contains data on US and international smartphone usage patterns. The company says it’s...

/ March 5, 2018