Category: Social Media Marketing: Advertising

Facebook announces 6-second pre-roll ad test, new mid-roll ad restrictions

Facebook will begin testing a six-second pre-roll ads hub next year, the company announced on Thursday, confirming earlier reports. Facebook is also introducing new restrictions on when and which publishers and creators can insert mid-roll ads in their videos and...

/ December 14, 2017

Twitter will now display view counts for all videos, including ads

Twitter has joined YouTube, Facebook and Instagram in publicly displaying how many views each video on its platform has received, the company announced on Monday. These view counts will appear on both organic videos and video ads, though not pre-roll...

/ December 11, 2017

Facebook’s pre-roll ad test will only run in Watch, not News Feed

Despite Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s long-held stance against pre-empting videos with advertising, Facebook plans to test out pre-roll ads, Ad Age reported on Friday. A Facebook spokesperson declined to comment on the report, but a person familiar with the matter...

/ December 1, 2017