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Survey surprise: 90% of consumers report being brand loyal

The conventional wisdom is that brand loyalty is dead. Not so, says a new consumer survey from Yotpo. But some of the findings are surprising in the context of current thinking. Just over 90 percent of respondents (out of 2,000 consumers)...

/ September 19, 2018

Exclusive: Survey shows social media poised to capture holiday ad spend

With consumer confidence at an all-time high, we should all expect increased ad spend with new and emerging technologies, like location data tools and social media analytical platforms, to directly reach the 2018 holiday shopper. So how will marketers develop...

/ September 13, 2018

Top tech firms call for pro-business updates to federal data privacy laws

The Internet Association (IA) — a trade group representing major internet firms such as Facebook, Amazon and Alphabet/Google — called for updates to federal data privacy legislation on Tuesday. Updates at the federal level could potentially overide the newly passed...

/ September 12, 2018