Category: Martech: Predictive Marketing

The rise of voice technologies means new opportunities for podcasting

In its Smart Audio Report early this year, NPR and Edison Research found that one in six Americans own at least one voice-activated smart speaker, up a whopping 128 percent over last year. So it’s no surprise then that as...

/ March 5, 2018

Marketing in a distracted, digital world

In today’s world, digital media is so pervasive that it’s no longer considered unique; it’s a way of life. Virtually everyone has a smartphone, and most individuals and households have multiple smart devices, including tablets, phones and computers. This prevalence,...

/ December 4, 2017

Infutor launches a propensity marketplace of consumers interested in buying cars

Founded in 2003, Infutor has built a massive repository of several hundred million identified profiles for US consumers. These consumer identities contain names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of those individuals, along with attributes added from mostly public sources...

/ October 27, 2017