ABM is growing up. It’s gone from a buzzword B2B marketers couldn’t quite make sense of to a strategy that’s becoming more and more ingrained in our daily lives. Nowadays, marketers aren’t asking “why ABM,” they’re asking “how ABM.” How do I get my strategy up and running? How do I bring Sales into the conversation? How do I navigate the sea of ABM technology? How do I start running campaigns? How do I connect all my data sources and measure my results?

I’m seeing this shift come to life in many ways, from conversations with fellow B2B marketers to news articles about the strategy. My team has actually witnessed this firsthand. Our company’s educational offerings covering the “how” of ABM have grown drastically and have been rated more highly than the theoretical topics exploring “why.”

While a lot of factors have played a role in this shift from “why” to “how,” there are four reasons really worth calling out here.

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