By now, it’s no secret that Gen Zs (born between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s) value individuality, innovation and creativity above all else — especially when it comes to their purchasing habits.

Despite their short attention spans, Gen Zs are efficient thinkers who have higher expectations when it comes to their shopping experience compared to older generations. In order to keep pace, retailers need to align their marketing strategies accordingly.

Again and again, we’re witnessing some of the biggest industry giants of yesterday crumble under rapidly changing customer habits and expectations.

It’s become a vicious cycle of disruption, then a period of content followed by dethronement. Just this past month, one of the largest book retailers — and one-time disruptor of the bookstore industry — announced that they are cutting staff in reaction to declining sales as Amazon and Walmart continue to eat up market share.

Luckily for retailers, the recent rise of martech has made it much easier to implement cutting-edge technology solutions that will help retailers stay on top of trends and customize the shopping experience from start to finish.

Here are three ways retailers can deploy martech solutions and concepts that will help you outpace competitive disruption and capture the flighty attention of Gen Zs.

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