Google has been releasing more and more features on Google My Business (GMB). Additions like posts, photos, videos, booking, business descriptions, reviews and more make optimizing your Google My Business listing a must for local business or digital marketing agency managing local search strategies.

Staying on top of all the updates needed to keep a Google My Business listing current and optimized can be daunting — especially if you have multiple locations or are working with more than one business.

One GMB feature often overlooked is the questions and answers (Q&A) feature. Just like Google My Business reviews, Q&As are essentially crowdsourced by people — real people (potential customers) who ask questions with the expectation the business will answer their questions.

However, many businesses are not aware this review feature even exists! So the questions often go unanswered by the business, or the questions are answered by everyday people who often give incorrect answers or less-than-helpful ones.

This can lead to disastrous and embarrassing results for a business.

Look at this local movie theater as an example. They currently have 48 questions:

Of the 48 questions asked, not one of them was answered by the theater. Not one. In fact, most were answered by “Local Guides” or random people, and the answers were typically less than helpful:

Is this embarrassing for the theater? You bet! Heck, it’s even embarrassing for the people that answered the question in this case.

As a business owner or digital marketing agency that manages GMB listings for clients, how can you stay on top of Google My Business Q&As and use them to market and promote your business for the good,  instead of potentially tarnishing your brand?

First, let’s define what Google My Business Q&As are and then discuss ho…

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