Almost exactly a year ago, data onboarding and identity resolution provider LiveRamp announced a new people-based search targeting service for IdentityLink.

The first effort for that service was designed for Google’s Customer Match. IdentityLink is LiveRamp’s people-based identity resolution service.

With Google’s Customer Match, a brand can target customers with ads in Google Search results. A Honda dealer in Boston, for instance, can target previous and current customers for a sale at its dealership when that user searches for, say, “Honda CRV.”

The dealership can upload the email addresses, phone numbers or addresses of its customers, and Google will try to match it to data users’ Google account data. It might also have other corresponding email addresses for the same person, since non-Google email addresses are sometimes used on Google properties, like YouTube.

Since many people remain logged into their account on a Google property while searching, Google can identify those people for the Honda dealer, so the dealership’s ad can be targeted during that search to that person’s history. LiveRamp’s IdentityLink features an extensive correlation of different data sets for the same person, including online and offline attributes and behavior.

This week, LiveRamp is applying the same service to Bing Search Ads.

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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