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November 22, 2017

Switzerland - the cradle of ICO

By Margaret Nail - November 22, 2017 (

Swiss projects accounted for more than 20% of the funds raised out of 324 ICOs. What jurisdictions and what legal status are chosen by projects that launch ICO, read in the article by Bitnewstoday.


According to, Switzerland-based projects accounted for at least 21.52% of all the funds raised with ICO, Hong Kong - 5.38%, Australia - 1.75%, Singapore - 1.01%, the Cayman Islands - 0.55%, the United Kingdom - 0.48%.

Pic. 1 Structure of funds raised with ICO by jurisdiction

Source: Calculations of

Viewed in quantitative terms, 18 out of 324 projects were registered in Switzerland, 5 projects - in the Cayman Islands, the UK and Singapore.

Legal Status

As for the legal status, projects registered in the form of corporations account for 16% of the funds raised, foundations - 12%, 2% of the funds come from projects that decided to become limited liability companies.

Pic. 2 Structure of the funds raised with ICO by legal status

Source: Calculations of

In the course of the analysis, it was revealed that most of the projects that had already raised funds with ICO tend to issue tokens on the Ethereum platform. So 68% of the previous ICOs chose ETH tokens (ERC 20), 6% - WAVES, 3.3% - New Blockchain.